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Random Quick Hits

We’re going to bring you a series of random great sites with a minimum of verbiage. Just get out the lube and enjoy! A great source of Free Porn Videos we’ve found is the Wizard of Porn. Now when you first visit, you’ll think “this is a fake tube.” There are too many videos and the actors are too good looking, this can’t be the real deal. Then when you click one, you get smacked with a pop up that will make you think it’s definitely fake. But move the pop up to the back to save for checking out the goodies later, and you’ll find real videos. We’re talking 15 minute real videos of actual hot actresses. This site is the real deal with actual goods. So pop the top on that lube and enjoy! And in a first for us, an ad for Porn Site Ads a network of advertisers on porn sites. Also worth checking out for some great links.

And what is porn for if not checking out things at the edge of your sexuality, pushing your boundaries to find out if they’re real or imagined. With that thought in mind we encourage a visit to Sex Doll Owners Videos which features videos made by owners of sex dolls, the ultimate in safe sex.  Also worth checking out their sister site Sexy Love Doll Forum with discussion and pictures from sex doll owners.

A Beautiful Obsession

A new site has appeared, SiteFoundation.org, which is most notable for its beautiful obession with a single adult star, Chloe Amour. If you don’t know Chloe you’re going to really enjoy getting to know her. According to IAFD.com she’s a delicious mix of Mexican, Spanish, and Cherokee. What does that me to the hornballs like us? It means a drop dead gorgeous porn star with huge brown eyes and long black hair. But of course it is the creamy brown skin that really grabs your eyes and just will not let go.

Tiny Chloe Amour Takes a Huge DickAnother big point in her favor is that when she’s on-screen for a three way, she is all over the other girl. None of this “two girls servicing one man” stuff for Ms. Amour. It is more in the vein of “two girls more or less ignoring a man.” And it just flat works. The site features one post with Chloe Amour and Sara Luvv, who also tends toward the sapphic. And that, my friends is a true thing of beauty.

The blog promises to be more a showcase for what turns on its author than any kind of themed or niche site, which is an unusual twist for an adult site. But so far it looks good. We can only hope that there are more like Chloe Amour in the queue. Each article features an embedded video and tons of screen captures so you can get lots of sticky goodness without having to leave the site. This one is easy to recommend.

A Perfect Ass? They are all perfect.

Perfect AssWhen I see the name of this web site, Perfect Ass, I am reminded strangely enough of the movie The Last Samurai. Ken Watanabe’s character is talking about cherry blossoms. He says you could spend your whole life looking for the perfect blossom and it would not be a life wasted. As he is dying on the battlefield surrounded by cherry blossoms he tells Tom Cruise’s character, “I was wrong. They are all perfect.” For fans of the the derriere, much the same can be said of the the perfect ass. They are all perfect.

That doesn’t stop these guys from trying. They characterize and categorize each rear end within an inch of its life. Got a thing for bubble butts in particular, they have you covered. Or Ghetto Booty. Or the elusive applebottom. Each post features a high quality explicit adult video with its own unique focus on the performer’s own unique ass.

They stretch the term a little by including MILF Ass and Teen Ass. We would submit that these are just ordinary bubble butts and ghetto booties, but we understand that there are ass fans out there who are less interested in the exact shape of the ass and more interested in the age of the cheek in question.

I suppose, though, that is part of of what makes the quest for the perfect ass here so, dare we say, respectable? They give you the warm, soft facts on the asses and then let you decide what makes one more perfect than another. Then when you’ve found your perfect ass, the tools are all right there tho help you find more like it.

It also has to be said that this is no site that shies away from diversity. We have white chicks, black chicks, Latinas, Asians, and more. I really enjoyed the genre mashup of the Latina MILF Heather Vahn. They also seem to get obsessed with particular stars, reviewing mutiple videos by the same performers. Just a few are superstars Madison Ivy and Keisha Grey.

Do you like your adult content to have more to it than just great buns? You’re in luck. PerfectAss.biz uses the tag system heavily, collecting all the samples you could possibly want and then making them easy to find. Definite highlights include the Latina lesbian and the Lesbian 69. Now in your best Japanese accent repeat after me, The are all perfect.